Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inexplainable feelings?

Let us not call it angst, but in better terms, curiosity. How do I seamlessly extend my emotions, my words, to another being? It is an art only existing in the mental framework of the single human mind. So many things occur in this mind. Nostalgia, pain, sorrow,  . How can true feelings be shared. 
I’m sitting here trying to explain my thoughts. In text. It’s impossible.
I never regret anything.
But why, why is it that I have deep embarrassment for actions of the past?
Is this regret? 
Have I lost my moral principles?
Am I just human?
Why must I be human.
Why can’t I be a parakeet?
Or a frolicking rabbit?
Or an ant?
Am I an ant?
Am I just another one in the army of a million, serving a nobility?
What is the nobility?
Is there a cause that I must commit to?
The answers to the questions can only hurt. 


Clueless Dolphin said...

This all sounds like a really bad shel silverstein poem haha

Z Man said...

haha nah, it's just an angsty 16 year old stream of consciousness.

Admin said...

There are explicable feelings?

Z Man said...