Thursday, March 31, 2011

PROCRASTINATION! At it's finest.

Good morning Blog! The title speaks for itself. As most of you know by now, I work my ass off at school and at home doing homework, and as anyone else, I enjoy procrastinating. If you read my previous blog, you can see that I was stayin' after school with my buds having some laughs and some fun! Afterwards, I went home, ate, and went to sleep. Intending on a 30 minute nap, I wake up at 3am, to find out I had slept over 6 hours! Now, all I have to do is read some Emily Dickinson poems and analyze/annotate, which isn't much, but this procrastination is one awful habit!

So, my loyal blog followers, what are your procrastination habits, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

After school

Having real fun! I find it hilarious how I make a schedule then never follow through. Speaking of scheduling, i just use Google Docs for my sceduling, it syncs my from my WebOS phone to my desktop every hour so then I can be an organized little student! hehe. What do you use to organize yourself, my loyal bloggers?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How was your day, my lovely followers :]?

Today can be sumamrized in one word.
Junior year is a pain in the rear end. Really. But I HAVE to get into college so I suppose it's what I MUST do.

I just need advice on staying on task. Facebook and my cell phone keep getting me distracted.
So does Blogger, but I suppose this is a healthy break to talk about my day.

Speaking of my day, here is how it went!

Wake up
Go to School
Get to Spanish
Do absolutely nothing
Go to Computer Graphics
Work on 3D model of Master Chief (I WILL BLOG AN IMAGE WHEN DONE :]!!)
Go to AP Human Geography
Take test.
Go to lunch
Pull out netbook and write a mini blog ;]
Finish up on AP Language homework
Go to AP Language
Can't stay awake. drowsy eyes. sat through 1 hour and 30 minutes of Emily Dickinson.
Go home
Precalc homework
Analyze walt whitman poems
Eat snack
Resume with walt whitman poems

And now here I am! Blogging!
How was your day, my lovely followers :]?

In the Library!

Having a netbook is great. Can't wait to get my own HP TouchPad running WebOS to take to school! The netbook isn't really mine, it's my brothers.

So far so good, today isn't completely horrible, I'm a hair whore and am having a good hair day, which is usually a highlight, lol. Classes have been significantly easy. I'll blog about that after school. Did NOT notice the time, lol. Lunch is over. Back to class...

To School! #1

Hello blogger! This is basically my first legitimate day blog. lol.
Kind of a cool feeling to be talking about myself.

6:30 AM I leave for school and I get back home at 2:30. Quite the mundane lifestyle but I'm cool with it! In my opinion, I enjoy going to school to see my friends and whatnot, but the workload is crazy. Junior year is one hell of a b****! The things I do to get out of this house though :]! College roams around in my dreams. I'm not sure where I want to go or what to study, but I have my eyes on Computer Graphics..

Anyway! Summary of my day:
Go to Spanish, do the usual nothingness (my teacher is like seven years older than me and just got outta college, she's REAL chill!)

Go to Computer Graphics, the class is such a breeze!


AP Human Geography, possibly the chillest AP class I've taken.


AP Language/Composition. Oh how I hate this class. English is SUCH A PAIN. And I have a practice timed writing for the AP Exam coming up.

Blog about my completed schoolday afterschool! Must get ready now :].

Monday, March 28, 2011

Za Warudo: Help Japan!

Za Warudo: Help Japan!: "Japan still needs our help. Donate what you can at:"

Enough with this depressing shenanigans.

I'm going to begin blogging my daily life. Every night at 9:30PM (EST) I shall start posting my daily experiences.