Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To School! #1

Hello blogger! This is basically my first legitimate day blog. lol.
Kind of a cool feeling to be talking about myself.

6:30 AM I leave for school and I get back home at 2:30. Quite the mundane lifestyle but I'm cool with it! In my opinion, I enjoy going to school to see my friends and whatnot, but the workload is crazy. Junior year is one hell of a b****! The things I do to get out of this house though :]! College roams around in my dreams. I'm not sure where I want to go or what to study, but I have my eyes on Computer Graphics..

Anyway! Summary of my day:
Go to Spanish, do the usual nothingness (my teacher is like seven years older than me and just got outta college, she's REAL chill!)

Go to Computer Graphics, the class is such a breeze!


AP Human Geography, possibly the chillest AP class I've taken.


AP Language/Composition. Oh how I hate this class. English is SUCH A PAIN. And I have a practice timed writing for the AP Exam coming up.

Blog about my completed schoolday afterschool! Must get ready now :].


Bulwyf said...

school was much relaxing than college.

ItsGG said...

^agreed. My schedule this semester has me at school from 10-10 two days a week. Enjoy your senior year!

Underground Music said...

My day is mostly spent on my backside either at work or at home, wish I was still at school

Poke said...

I miss school ;( Great post.

Jase said...

Don't need to get up at 6:30 for college though!

Janez said...

OK, loking forward to it.

Joe Sloan said...

Dude 6:30am thats rough.. hey I take Spanish too

King of Favelas said...

old school time *_*

cool_cicler said...

You make me remember those old school days... keep up the nice entries dude